تحميل Drop7 للأندرويد مجانا (اخر اصدار برابط مباشر)

تحميل Drop7 للأندرويد مجانا (اخر اصدار برابط مباشر), باللغة العربية ومن فئة الألعاب ويعمل على أجهزة الأندرويد.

A puzzle game with many numbers, Drop7 is a puzzle game where you have to set up a series of colored balls with numbers, trying to get the number that falls to match the number of balls in that column or row.Gameplay can be somewhat confusing at first, since it is quite original and demands that you pay attention to several different things at once. For example, if you put a ball with a number two in a column that already has two balls, it won’t do anything, because the idea is to get the number on the ball INCLUDING the ball itself. Now, if there were just one other ball to its right, yes, you would have created a row of two balls.In Drop7 there are three different game modes and while they all have the same gameplay, you can enjoy slight changes that give quite a lot of variety to the game. The best part is that you can play a more relaxing game when you fancy an easy go, or a more vigorous one when you want a good challenge.Drop7 is a game of fun and interesting puzzles. Though it can be confusing for the first two or three rounds, you’ll get the hang of it before long.

نظام التشغيل Android
الحجم 27.31MB
أحدث إصدار 3.3.1
تاريخ التحديث 2023-08-25
الترخيص مجاناً
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